Flyway Concepts

'Look at the birds!

Early in the morning Adrian came to school. We had just started. And we went out and watched the birds. Adrian knows the name of all the birds. We saw seven cranes. And we saw fifty pigeons. The weather was cloudy but it was warm. We checked the watermeter forty-seven cm water in the stram. And we saw even

  • one thruch. And
  • twenty trashes and
  • four redwings,
  • greenfinks and
  • fifteen kajor.

Then we walked to the car. Adrian drove us to Djäkneböle. Then we walked to the stream to check the watermeter and it was 35 cm. We saw two thrush-nests. We also saw
  • Meadow pipit
  • skylarks,
  • green finch,
  • hen harrier.
    We saw
  • yellowhammer,
  • blue tit ,
  • ortolan bunting,
  • great tit,
  • willow tit .

And then We went home.

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