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Brook in May 99

Kasamark, May 99

School, May 99

Small lake, May 99

Reporting from Kasamark school Sweden

Erika, Adjan and I (Micaela) were out and checked the sticks and the birds. It was nice weather and the sky was covered with small light clouds. The wind was north. In the stream the waterdeep was 44 centimetres.

In Kasamark we saw:

  • Magpie,
  • Golden Plover,
  • Pred Flycatcher,
  • Lapwing,
  • Tree Sparrow and
  • Curlew
In Djäkneböle it was 20 centimetres waterdeep. It is some snow left around the villages. The birds we saw was:
  • Goldeneye,
  • Culew,
  • Crane,
  • Woodpigeon,
  • Mallard,
  • Chaffinch,
  • Swallow and
  • Common Gull.

On the way back to school we stoped by a nest in Kasamark so we could go and watch a Curlewnest. When we were there we saw small eggs. Adjan has walked around Kasamark looking for nests. He has found 22 nests now, but he isnīt ready yet.

Good bye!!!!!
Micaela and Erika åk 6
Kasamarks skola

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